Starting School at Kensington Kindergarten

At Kensington Kindergarten we prepare children fully for primary school. We introduce them to learning in a positive, stimulating way and build their self-confidence. Our secure, happy family atmosphere offers the perfect environment to support your children’s growth and development. This way they can stretch their imagination, be creative, enjoy learning and make many little friends.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Education at Kensington extends beyond the classroom walls. We know children learn by doing, and play is an important part of that learning. Swimming and football are also part of our curriculum. Swimming Gala, Sports Day, Halloween and Christmas Concerts are just a few of the exciting events that we encourage all children to participate in.

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers at Kensington are highly trained and recognized by the Kindergarten Headmistress Association (KHA). Each demonstrates a talent to nurture children to their full academic and social potential, by providing them with one-on-one interaction, coupled with whole class discussions. And because they are sensitive to individual development needs, lessons are adjusted to provide each child with a challenging learning experience they need, in order to use their imagination and absorb the discipline of academic life.


Bridging the Gap

Being solely a kindergarten, we provide the safe nurturing environment children require at this stage, without the distractions and fears of larger schools. This allows us to focus entirely on building strong characters, instilling in them the self-confidence they need in preparation for prep school.

Many of our children are accepted into the top prep schools in Nairobi.

We follow the British Curriculum and start with children as young as
two years old.


We have a four year program but children can enter the school at any time.
2-3 Years – Red Class
3-4 Years – Blue Class
4-5 Years – Green Class – Reception
5-6 Years – Yellow Class – Year One


Broadening Children’s Horizons

Kensington also boasts an international flavor, with students coming from Asia, America, Europe and Africa. This presets children with the unique opportunity to broaden their horizons, make friends and share experiences from varied cultural backgrounds.

Established in 1991

Based on extensive experience and research, we have developed a solid four-year program that lays an exceptional foundation for growth. Our curriculum is flexible and combined with the British System of education equips children with a sound base in reading, writing, mathematics, art, music and physical education.

Extra-curricular activities also offered to students include; computer, ballet, tae-kwon-do, tennis, monkeynastixs and drama development.

Children with special needs are also welcome at Kensington and get the patient personal care they require.

Contact Us

Cel: +254(718)020470
Othaya rd | off Gitanga rd | Lavington